Pond Care During Calendar Year

1. Creation of pond or water exchange

In case of creation of a new pond we recommend to apply TeichStarter and ZeoSpeed®. Thanks to TeichStarter tap water, rainwater and well water are treated to the level complying with biotope of pond water, it means that any harmful substances contained in water such as chloride or heavy metals which may have negative effect on biological environment of the reservoir are being bonded, pH is being adjusted accordingly, temporary hardness increased. We recommend applying FilterStarterBakterien agent every time after cleaning the filter. This agent guarantees immediate filtration thanks to high microorganism count.

Thanks to ZeoSpeed®, relatively purified by ZeoPower® zeolite, copper and other heavy metals (such as phosphates which occur in unconditioned water or plant bottom) and ammonia are removed. This operation reduces mass growth of algae.

Caution: 1 kg of algae may arise from 0,1g of phosphates!!!

Important! TeichFit® allows your fishes to live longer! TeichStarter or TeichFit® modifies unconditioned water into ideal water biotope.


Bonding of dissolved phosphate is absolutely biologically harmless; highly increase decomposition of nitrogen caused by active oxygen; without heavy metals; without aluminum; works for approx. 6-8 weeks (depending on condition of water).


Reactivates ZeoSpeed®


Transforms tap water, rain water and well water into pond water which complies with biotope; bonds chloride and heavy metals; stabilizes and adjusts pH; increases carbonate hardness; creates ideal life conditions for all occupants of the pond; creates proper climate for all vital and shiny fishes.


Well matched microorganisms with huge concentration immediately activates biological mechanisms which clear water in filters. Strongly recommended during first time filter activation and at the beginning of every season.

2. Spring start up

March: To make phosphates and ammonia, which snatch away, in spring, from fallen leaves, etc, and create ideal base of algae nourishment, bonded, we strongly recommend following steps described in “Pond creation” paragraph. We also recommend applyingTeichschlammEntferners of Söll which visibly reduces organic slime. Mechanical slime removal isn’t efficient in a longer period of time, it also, through swirls, upsets slime layers and releases harmful ammonia. As a next you should apply BioBooster® /FilterStarterBakterien to populate highly active bacteria cultures in the reservoir and pond filters to remove potentially poisonous level of nitrogen relatively quickly.

TeichschlammEntferner – optimal for biotope

Visibly removes and reduces organic slime. Prevents decomposition and creation of harmful gases and prevent algae blooming through bonding of nutritious substances and biological decomposition.

BioBooster® – naturally high active water clearing bacteria

Removes poisonous nitrogen compounds, reduces activation time of pond’s filters; short-lived biological activity in a new pond.

Temporary hardness of proper pond water should also be above 5° dH !

Increased temporary hardness can be reached by adding TeichFit® agent. In case TeichStarter was applied in current year at start up then it’s not necessary to apply TeichFit® assuming that carbonate hardness is above 5° dH.

TeichFit® – a key to long life and health of your fishes!

Can be used anytime; improves water quality; neutralizes ammonia and heavy metals; immediately assures stable and proper pH; increases carbonate hardness; creates ideal life conditions for all occupants of the reservoir; creates proper climate for all vital and shiny fishes and plants.

3. Middle March – middle August: Dr. Roth’s®Teichklar biological care (yearlong care)

Dr. Roth’s® Teichklar effectively revives biological life in the reservoir by adding wide variety of microorganisms. Dr. Roth’s® Teichklarmay be used in ponds either equipped or not equipped with filtration systems. This agent increases biological capacity of decomposition of organic pollution of water and slime. Important in case of pools: Dr. Roth’s® Teichklar contains ingredients decomposing urine. To maintain or assure biological decomposition of nitrogen, application of BioBooster® is strongly recommended, especially when internal or external filters are fitted. To effectively revive pond life Dr. Roth’s® Teichklar can be applied in case no filtration systems are fitted.

Dr. Roth’s® Teichklar – natural bacteria

Supports nature and biological balance; reduces algae blooming; prevents decay and reduces creation of harmful gases.

4. Between April and mid May: Algae prevention with AlgoSol and PhosLock® AlgenStopp.

Algae are not only unattractive but can also produce poisonous or toxics substances! Researches prove that metabolic poisons of cyanobacteria may cause allergy, asthma, eczema and serious nerve damages. To prevent you may applyAlgoSol® and PhosLock® AlgenStopp!

AlgoSol® with SpektroSorp® and complex of anti algae active substances

Controls growth of filamentous algae and green algae (green water), effectively reduces dangerous cyanobacteria blooming and reduces its growth.

PhosLock®-AlgenStopp – strongest phosphate bonding agent

Continuously reduces volume of phosphates (main source of algae nourishment) to the level below 0,035mg/l, which reduce algae growth. PhosLock®-AlgenStopp should be applied every 6 weeks or after each algae removal.

5. From middle August or when necessary:

FischMineral® – immuned and vital fishes

Contains essential minerals and trace elements, all poisons (such as ammonia and nitrite) are neutralized; helps to prevent from parasitic diseases, improves immunity and fish vital life.

6. Seasonal

General rule: temporary hardness never below 5° dH and never above 9° dH!

In case of low value of KH and unstable pH and in case water is being conditioned to support microbiological life we would recommend using TeichFit®! 100g of TeichFit® for every m3 of water improves carbonate hardness of 1,8° dH! To prevent algae blooming and its mass growth we recommend AlgoSol®, AlgoSol® Forte or Söll FadenalgenVernichter.

AlgoSol® & AlgoSol® Forte

Active substances contained in AlgoSol® and AlgoSol® Forte stop sunlight which is necessary for photosynthesis on one hand and from the other hand allow carrying out essential biological regulation process and metabolism. Algae are starved.

FadenalgenVernichter containing specific bacteria

Thanks to FadenalgenVernichter of Söll cyanobacteria are immediately and effectively removed. Dead algae are decomposed as a result of quick action of specific bacteria contained in this agent. FadenalgenVernichter is purely mineral, biodegradable and doesn’t contain heavy metals.

To saturate water with oxygen and to oxidize slime, and also to prevent creation of germs and creation of biogas and to protect water it is strongly recommended to use SauerstoffAktiv.


Increases and regulates concentration of oxygen in water and leads to activity of biological life in water; sustained improvement of self cleaning ability; can be use in case of severe oxygen deficiency!

For intensive growth of plants and shiny blossoms during whole vegetative season, especially at start up and in case of severe nutritious deficiency, we recommend WasserpflanzenPracht.


Contains necessary vegetable nutritious elements, improves and activates plant growth and assures gorgeous shinny blossoms; increases resistance to external factors and pests; doesn’t contain phosphate!

7. Winter protection

From mid September: TeichschlammEntferner to visibly reduce organic slime for a long period of time . From November: SauerstoffDepot to supply oxidize water at wintertime and PhosLock® -AlgenStopp which prevents algae growth at summertime. SauerstoffDepot, PhosLock® -AlgenStopp should be applied regularly at 6 weeks intervals to supply oxygen.

It’s mandatory to check parameters of water on a regular basis!!!!