Taboss Geokrata Systems Stabilization of Grounds

The Geonet Taboss is produced of polyethylene (PEHD). It is made of strip, which are knurled double sided and spot welded with ultrasounds. The cellurar walls are 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 mm high.

The welds are lined in two rows, 9 weld in a row, 340 mm far one from another (other distance on request ). There may be curbs on every wall. When extended the segments are similar to honeycombs. THE GEONET is made of flammable plastic. Plasticity at 130°C, possibility of inflammation at ca. 360°C.
The most interesting thing about our product is its use for stabilization of ground, because the material is not biodegradable and UV resistance. This feature is a great advantage in this circumstance.

THE GEONET guarantees a long lasting exploitation without worsening of the technical parameters.

THE GEONET TABOSS is available in two sizes:
–    SMALL CELLS – 16.12m2
–    BIG SCELLS      – 32.24 m2

THE GEONET TABOSS can be widely used in many fields of the building industry, with complicated geotechnical constructions, always when huge or cyclic loads afflict the subsoil.
This can happen thanks to its cellular structure, which is additionally stregthened by gravel rubble or some other elements.

The GEONET is characterized by the following features:
–    great fastness to unequal self consolidation of soil within huge stacking yard, car park, railway and road embankments,
–    fastening of the sub grade (under roads),
–    convenience and quickness especially required while building escape routes, temporary roads and access roads for heavy equipment and for fastening of high embankments,
–    protecting of the outer sides of municipal dump embankments and as an upper covering at their reclamation,
–    resistance to mining subsidence,
–    great weather resistance (to rain, frost, heat, thermal shock),
–    great chemical resistance (tested to high concentration of acids).

• Roads and highways
• Forest roads, paths and temporary roads
• Gardens
• Erosion of slopes
• Car parks
• Foundations
• Railway roads
• Resistor walls
• Foundations of pipelines and channels
• Embankments
• Reclamation and the consolidations of slopes
• Flood ramparts
• Protection of the shore line
• Scenery shaping

To read more view our photos below or read our technical data sheets.


Taboss Technical Data Sheets

We have several data sheets for Taboss: