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AQUA SYSTEM is a company that offers most modern water conditioning products for ponds, fountains, swimming pools and large architectural reservoirs. We offer a wide range of products for application in ponds, swimming ponds, swimming pools and fountains. Now fighting with algae is easy and safe! Please feel free to read through all our advice below based on many years of experience providing water care to clients, both large and small, throughout Ireland. We use only the best products available.

We have full technical product information sheets on all best water care products that we recommend. We guarantee 100% effectiveness in problem solving resulting in clean and healthy water!


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Biological Slime Removal

Falling leaves, uneaten food, dead microorganisms and fish excrements may create slime in every pond. This can lead to the process of decomposition and finally makes water cloudy and creates unpleasant smell. Additionally during all putrefactive processes toxic gases may be produced which may have very unfavorable effect on fishes.
The bottom sludge is cluster of algae nutritious elements. To protect the pond from the mass growth of algae it is necessary to clean the pond on a regular basis during spring and summer time.

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Clear Water in pool and Fountain

When summer comes and temperature increases there are more and more new pools and ponds being created in gardens. Especially kinds spend lot of time in water. Not many people know that water is also great environment for germs and bacteria. High temperature and static water create optimal conditions for reproduction of many pathogens. Seemingly non dangerous bacteria may become extremely dangerous when infection develops. Water should be disinfected in both private ponds as well as in a public pools to prevent the development of infections and diseases.

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Pond Care During Calendar Year

In case of creation of a new pond we recommend to apply TeichStarter and ZeoSpeed. Thanks to TeichStarter tap water, rainwater and well water are treated to the level complying with biotope of pond water, it means that any harmful substances contained in water such as chloride or heavy metals which may have negative effect on biological environment of the reservoir are being bonded, pH is being adjusted accordingly, temporary hardness increased. We recommend applying FilterStarterBakterien agent every time after cleaning the filter. This agent guarantees immediate filtration thanks to high microorganism count.

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The Parameters of Water

Water reaction is one of the most important indicator determining life conditions in the pond. To keep proper mechanism of self cleaning and to assure friendly climate for all occupants of the pond, pH value should be in range of 7.4 – 8.4. Each component of water has influence on pH value.

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New Ponds

Foundation of a new pond or water change means filling up with clean, fresh water. You can use tap water or well water but both of them have to be conditioned and adjusted to biotope needs, all harmful substances such as chloride, heavy metals must be removed, all basic parameters have to be stabilized (pH, temporary harness), vaccinated with bacterial flora and protected from algae growth. Self-cleaning mechanisms and ecological processes can only function properly in sufficiently hard and buffered pond water (pH 7.5 – 8.5, temporary hardness over 5 deg). Fluctuation of pH value may cause reduction of variety of species and also mass growth of some kinds of algae. PH fluctuation may also have negativeinfluence on zooplankton – an enemy of algae. These are main factors upsetting proper functionality of garden reservoirs.

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Spring Start Up

Autumn and winter are difficult times for the pond. A lot of nutritious get into the pond such as falling leaves, also a lot of soft water which dilutes pond water and reduces temporary hardness of water.
If water is insufficiently stabilized, in spring, algae may bloom and this will lead to sudden and serious increase of pH. Too high value of pH has very negative influence on fish’s health and whole ecosystem.   

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Winter Protection of the Pond

You should start thinking about weather protection of your pond in autumn and preparation for proper start in spring. To prevent the reservoir from falling leaves and supplying of additional nutritional substances, close-mesh net should be applied. Additionally it’s recommended to install skimmer removing dirt from pond surface.
In case the plants are growing on pond sides it is really important to remember to cut high plants before winter as high plants covered with heavy snow may fall into the pond. Rushes and reeds can only be removed in spring because these plants play important role in gas circulation in frozen reservoir.

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Solutions of Algae Problems

Algae growing in a pond reduce its esthetical value. Their uncontrolled growth may lead to water bloom. Mass and long term water blooming is a result of eco balance disorder. Due to increased water fertility caused by greater supply of mineral and organic substances water blooming is getting more common. This is caused by human activity (sewage, chemical fertilizers, liquid manure, manure, etc). Limitation of sunlight supply to the lower parts of the pond and restrain of photosynthesis process is caused by accumulation of huge quantities of phytoplankton in upper parts of the reservoir.  

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Soll Water Care Products

In addition to our innovative and highly effective assortment of water care products for ornamental and fish ponds.
We offers high-quality and reliable pond water treatment products with which you can handle 98% of all ponds problems – Söll has been offering such products for years. Söll stands for innovations and competence in keeping water of your pond healthy and clear. Söll presents its extensive range of ecologically sensitive pond water treatment products: to start a new pond, basic care products, products against algae and micro-biological products.

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