Biological Slime Removal

biological1Falling leaves, uneaten food, dead microorganisms and fish excrements may create slime in every pond. This can lead to the process of decomposition and finally makes water cloudy and creates unpleasant smell. Additionally during all putrefactive processes toxic gases may be produced which may have very unfavorable effect on fishes.


The bottom sludge is cluster of algae nutritious elements. To protect the pond from the mass growth of algae it is necessary to clean the pond on a regular basis during spring and summer time.

To remove slime, owner of the pond doesn’t have to get into the reservoir or use slime removing vacuum. Biological decomposition of slime can be more effective if you use bi-component product¬†Teichschlamm Entferner¬†of Soll.


One of the components is purely mineral and is responsible for removal of organic slime. Thanks to Soll patented combination of minerals the sludge layer is actively oxidized and decomposed; heavy metals and other dangerous substances and also phosphates – source of algae nourishment – are subject to absorption. This leads to visible degradation of sludge layer and prevents from further algae growth. Additionally neutralizes all unpleasant smells.

Second component which is based on bacteria and active oxygen is responsible for making water crystal clear. Active microorganisms immediately reduce volume of sludge, dead algae, remains of plants and leaves and other substances which may be dangerous for fishes. By using this agent you can create clean and healthy pond.

This agent has double effect in respect of filtration bacteria and active oxygen, additionally protects from putrefactive processes and creation of toxic gases.