The reservoir can be used for water storage or as a liquid manure pit. The client can perform most of the assembly on his/her own. The montage is about: digging and preparing the whole, geofibre and  EPDM membrane positioning and the reservoir’s rim processing if needed. Membrane positioning means one is supposed to unfold delivered prefabricates (EPDM sheets). Because of the fact that the membrane is flexible and bouncy it easily fits to the surface of the ground base. The uneven and rough areas on the membrane are eliminated with the proper positioning of the folds of sheets.



Rain water can be used for domestic and economic purposes f.e. watering the lawn. Rain water tank accumulates the water from the roof, it can be a ground reservoir (a garden pond) or a concrete walls base pond. The building process is limited to the preparation of the ground bed for the reservoir or for a different optional one which is in most cases based on concrete backing.

 EPDM membrane high quality parameters allow for a leak proof montage of a water reservoir. The membrane is resistant to low temperatures, sunlight rays, and ageing processes.


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