Clear Water in pool and Fountain



When summer comes and temperature increases there are more and more new pools and ponds being created in gardens. Especially kids spend lot of time in water. Not many people know that water is also great environment for germs and bacteria. High temperature and static water create optimal conditions for reproduction of many pathogens. Seemingly non dangerous bacteria may become extremely dangerous when infection develops. Water should be disinfected in both private ponds as well as in a public pools to prevent the development of infections and diseases.

The main reason of water disinfection is to kill all bacteria and microorganisms (flora and fauna). There are many ways of disinfection. Active oxygen or chloride are the most common methods. By choosing cheaper method – chloride – it’s necessary to remember that most of available agents contain gaseous chloride which frees on water surface and may cause various allergies and irritations.

We would recommend AquaDes of Soll which muffles all side effects of disinfection process because it doesn’t contain gaseous chloride and consists only trace amounts of chloride but effectively disinfects water. The content of agent complies with DVGW Research Centre in Dresden research which proved that using small amounts of chloride for a longer period of time is more effective that concentrated chloride. AquaDes® eliminates bacteria, fungus and spores, is kids and allergists friendly, doesn’t cause skin irritation or eye redness etc.


To maintain proper quality of pond water, it is necessary to apply proper agents which prevent from algae growth. Algae develop and gather mainly in static water. Water becomes green, slippery green coating may appear on sides and bottom of the pond, may also cover all pond equipment. The presence of algae is conductive to bacteria and fungus development which may cause various diseases. We recommend AlgenFrei of Soll – people friendly agent which also works for a long period of time



Fountains are “live” elements of your garden. Attract attention, no matter are they high and create distracted plume or low gurgling stream just above the nozzle or are just decorative columns. Due to the fact that there is no significant move of water, unfortunately, even after few days you may notice awful, slippery coating which may change the color of water (green) and create unpleasant smell. That’s why anti algae agents should be used on regular basis.

Liquid algaecide is the best solution in case of fountains equipped with mechanical sand filters. Algaecide isn’t harmful for surfaces and doesn’t come into reaction with other disinfection agents which could be used for water conditioning in fountains and decorative internal and external sprinklers. We recommend Soll agent. Apart from algae protection additionally prevents from accumulation of lime and simultaneously protects filtration system. ZierbrunnenKlar may be used in smaller fountains. None of these agents is suitable for ponds or fountains with live organisms.



Architectural reservoirs are characterized by modern design, usually without plants and fishes and shallow. Due to lack of flora and fauna mechanical sand filtration system or anti algae agents may be used (as in case of large fountains) – recommended SpringbrunnenKlar of Soll.