Fountain & Lakes Products

New Products 2015

This year as well there are many exciting and inspiring innovations from OASE.




Jumping Jet Systems


Water jets magically shoot through the air in broad arcs and disappear, just as unexpectedly as they appeared – Jumping Jet systems are the attraction in leisure parks and amusement parks, in discotheques, at trade shows, exhibitions, and other events.

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A private swimming pond in the garden – pure wellness and the dream of many garden owners. A dream that can come true thanks to the swim pond concepts from OASE. All of our experience with gardens, pond construction, water quality, and pond technology come together in this area and enable us to offer mature, complete packages. Our Swimponds offer the right concept for every taste, all requirements, and not least for any budget.

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Water Quality

Many factors determine the quality of a body of water. Fish and waterfowl introduce nutrients, and falling leaves in autumn, as well as blossoms in spring increase the availability of nutrients. The results are algae growth and formation of sludge that silts up the body of water. OASE water quality products offer a totally natural remedy; the regenerative powers of the body of water are reinforced and accumulating nutrients are broken down biologically. Such artificial lakes and ponds enjoy sustainable clarity and create a habitat where not only plants and fish thrive – due to innovative OASE products!

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Floating Aggregates

Floating fountains conjure up impressive water effects wherever standing aggregates are difficult to install: If there are fluctuating water levels, excessive water depths, or on muddy pond floors. Thanks to easy installation they can also be implemented on short notice, or the water pattern can be changed as desired.
The floating fountains stay on the surface without tipping, thanks to robust float elements. The foamed float element ensures ideal buoyancy of the floating fountains. Only the nozzle and the surface of the float element are visible; the technology remains concealed underwater.
Various easily interchangeable fountain nozzles are available for custom design of the water pattern of the floating fountains. LED illumination sets give the fountains a fascinating appearance in the evening hours.
OASE floating fountains make an additional contribution by enriching the oxygen in the body of water; a contribution toward the reduction of algae.

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Light and shadow have, for time immemorial, provided a special attraction. At night, when the surrounding environment becomes invisible, water installations can provide unrivalled beauty, and really stand out from their veiled surroundings.
Buildings appear aristocratically as soon as they are illuminated in the evening hours, trees and bushes become floodlit sculptures. He who controls the contact with light awakens emotions – equally, whether a festive mood or relaxing, romantic moments.

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Every location has its very special unique atmosphere. A public square, in the heart of the city looks different in Paris than it does in Dubai. An artistically designed park can give a sense of tranquil strength or contemplative well-being. Spray fountains and fountains from OASE enable you to enter into communication with the particularities of a location and to use the thousand faces of water to the best advantage of that location. Depending on the form and size of a water feature you can effectively support the location’s atmosphere or introduce an exciting counterpoint. And you are always co-designer of this location; director on the wonderful stage of life. The OASE product range offers you a variety of possibilities to place your creativity and intuition at the service of a particular location and to vitally shape its atmosphere with water.

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Pumps are the beating heart in every system that conducts water. Nothing runs without them. They reliably perform their work day and night, underwater, out of the water, in spray fountains, ponds, or lakes. They ensure that we can take pleasure in the never-ending play of water; they enable fountains, water features, watercourses, and water falls to come alive, and ensure that the water is always clear. In the process, depending on type and task, they move unbelievable masses of water to its respective destination.

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Planning has finally been completed, all desires and requirements have been taken into consideration, the terrain has been probed and the perfect solution has been found. Implementation is now the issue at hand – and oftentimes, the devil is in the details.
OASE offers sophisticated accessories for all eventualities so that you can implement your ideas just as perfectly as they have been planned. They prevent you from unpleasant surprises in the implementation.

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Power – Measure – Control – Regulate

Wherever spray fountains please the eye, precision-matched measurement, control and regulating technology from OASE produces fascinating effects. There are some basic principles in this regard:
•    For water features, fountains, and water show systems, it is important that pumps, throttle devices, filters, and water treatment systems operate in precise coordination.
•    Electrical cables must be laid out in the pool, and they must be connected in such a manner that they are waterproof.
•    If there is wind the fountain height must be adapted to wind conditions, and the water level must always be compensated.
•    When it gets dark each fountain radiates with a fascinating brilliance produced by the use of underwater lights and the sophisticated play of colour.
•    Even sound, video, lasers, and pyrotechnics play a role in modern water features.
Through the use of the simplest control systems, freely programmable controllers, or through the perfect interplay of the ensemble comprised of all integrated components in an extensive network, the operator always has full overview of system functions in any size and configuration.

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