Water & Pond Products


Fountains and Fountain pumps

It starts with the pump: Thanks to our comprehensive product range we offer the ideal solution when it comes to moving water – for every application, whether for statuary or indoor water features, fountains, filters or watercourses. State-of-the-art technology paired with years of development experience enable us to flexibly meet a wide variety of requirements and also implement brand new ideas. With the right product from OASE it is as easy as child’s play to set accents with water.

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Filter and Watercourse pumps.

Water is the element of life. But only in the right combination with oxygen does it give man his health, and animals and plants a habitat. Consequently watercourses are an effective enhancement of your garden pond, but not for visual reasons alone; while the water flows it is being enriched with vital oxygen. The interplay of filter pump and filter is indispensable for good water quality. The experts at OASE are always thinking about new innovations so that pond owners can take their time and enjoy life. One result is a range of real powerpacks that can do more than just pump water. There are intelligent models that feed the right volume of water to the filter based on temperature, and thus enable intelligent and low power consumption pond management. For some models the power can be variably adjusted, also via remote control. With so many innovations selection of the right pump is incredibly easy. Characteristic of all filter and watercourse pumps are the facts that they deliver particularly high volumes of water in a short time, and deliver coarse debris to ten millimetres in size to the filter, and that they do it with particular energy efficiency. Once you have decided on a pump type, the necessary capacity can be determined via the size of the pond or the watercourse.

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Observing the life in the pond is a wonderful pastime, however it is only possible if the water is clear. How you can achieve clear water in your own pond is only a question of technology – and its proper application. This is no problem with the Clear Water System from OASE. Different components matched together in such a manner that with recommended use they ensure clear water to a depth of at least one metre. This is even so certain that OASE gives you a Clear Water Guarantee. The Clear Water system offers more than conventional foam filters that only retain coarse particles, but do not convey them out of the water. To do this you need a special filter such as the FiltoMatic CWS. Thus you not only avoid water contamination through animals, or leaves that have fallen into the pond, but you also prevent algae from spreading; algae thrives optimally through nutrient input and under some circumstances multiply to an undesirable extent. High-performance bacteria, such as the bacteria contained in the BioKick CWS Filter Starter, decompose the unnecessary nutrients and clean the water.

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Cleaning and Care

Whoever views his pond as a habitat for animals and plants knows that it is a coordinated team made up of life and technology. And just as we human beings treat ourselves to wellness and care, refreshing treatment will also do any body of water good. Every pond runs through a development cycle. Plants and fish grow. Over the course of the year it experiences a hot summer and closed ice cover in winter. To keep the pond healthy through the changing seasons and life cycles, it is important to have clear information about water quality. You can easily check the water quality yourself and regulate it if something gets out of balance. Thus, you always stay a step ahead of murky water. For this you must briefly dip the Aqua Activ Quickstick into the water, then you can quickly and easily determine the pH value, the total hardness, carbonate hardness, as well as nitrite and nitrate content. To care for the pond eco system, the OASE Aqua Activ range offers everything that you need for sustainably healthy water. For example Silt Remover contributes to gentle water cleaning and helps prevent silt-up and long-term turbidity.

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Illumination and Power

When the sun slowly goes down in the evening for many people the really beautiful time in the garden is just beginning. This is the time to get together for a friendly barbecue or for romantic hours as a couple. It would really be unfortunate to forego the beauty of the garden and pond at such a time. Those who want to breathe life into the dark part of the day have many innovative possibilities at their disposal thanks to OASE. Garden designers know that trees and bushes can be skillfully staged with effective placement of spotlights. In the same manner the water world can also become a luminous centre point. The pond becomes a glittering sea; movements on the water surface ensure unique play of light. Such effects can be achieved with different types of spotlights: All are suited for underwater implementation and illuminate water features and fountains, which then become sparkling garden highlights. Creatively combined, there are infinite lighting possibilities.

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Decoration and Pond construction

Ponds are living spaces. They ensure relaxation, a pond is a natural oasis, and a source of enjoyment. A view that includes water is pleasant and invigorating. So that you too can experience this quality OASE offers the right products for your dream pond. Whether a large-scale water landscape with watercourse and fountains, ponds for demanding koi, modern water features or swim ponds, near-natural or formal: It only depends on the right planning. Carefully consider the task that your pond will fulfil. Should it have a decorative function and complement your garden as a highlight, or do you want to use it as place for relaxation and observe animals and plants in a near-natural environment? After you have decided on a type you can select the right products as needed: Pond shell or pond liner, watercourse or waterfall – with pond construction material from OASE you easily satisfy individual desires. All materials allow you to be flexible. With the accessories each part is well thought-out, all connections fit perfectly and filters and power connections can be integrated in a visually appealing manner. With information material, a technical helpline, knowledgeable dealers and descriptions in flyers and folders, OASE make it convenient and easy to construct your garden pond. It‘s fun from the start!

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Holiday at the water’s edge, a dream that only comes true for a few weeks a year – if at all. And even then you are compelled to share the beach and shore with others, according to the unfortunate rule of thumb: The better the weather, the bluer the sky, the more people in the water.
But now there is a possibility to get the water, the holiday, and the nature into your own garden. With OASE swimponds, give holiday fun a home – close to you and your family. Instead of spending hours with family and all the holiday gear in a traffic jam or losing your cool at overcrowded airport gates, relaxation and recuperation start for you just outside your door.
Where others are involved with time-consuming, expensive trips just to get there and back again, you arrived a long time ago, in your own home where you can be totally yourself. On the other hand an OASE swimpond is an invitation to nature. It offers enrichment for your garden and your life; it is both an eye-catcher and a world of experience. The OASE swimpond is a priceless piece of lifestyle quality, even before or after the hot holiday weeks. It is in season all year round, it is not emptied in winter and consequently it remains a natural eye-catcher 12 months a year – its appearance changes with the seasons.

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