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Who doesn’t like splashing in sun-warmed, clean water? Swimming ponds equipped with vegetable eco filters are one of the most popular garden features in the last few years.

AQUA SYSTEM designs and constructs modern and functional swimming ponds in private and public structures. In all our projects we only use natural water filtrating systems based on natural water purifying minerals.

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AQUA SYSTEM is a company that offers most modern water conditioning products for ponds, fountains, swimming pools and large architectural reservoirs. We offer a wide range of products for application in ponds, swimming ponds, swimming pools and fountains. Now fighting with algae is easy and safe. Please feel free to read through all our advice below based on many years of experience providing water care to clients, both large and small, throughout Ireland. We guarantee 100% effectiveness in problem solving resulting in clean and healthy water!

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Pond lining is an impermeable geomembrane used for water retention, including the lining of lakes, garden ponds and artificial streams in parks and gardens.

Pond liners need to be protected from sharp objects (eg stones) below the liner and from being punctured by any objects in the water body. Protection can be provided with layers of sand, concrete, fiber-matting and other materials. Pond liners are manufactured in rolls. Strips of liner can be seamed or welded together on site; and a number of flexible types, such as PVC and EPDM, can have their panels pre-fabricated together in the factory to fit the design shape of the pond.
At AQUA SYSTEM we use only the best industry tested products based on years of experience to achieve optimal water feature funtion.

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AQUA SYSTEM designs, constructs and cares of water gardens – ponds, cascades, streams, waterfalls and terrace ponds.

We offer newest solutions in garden, pond, cascade and fountain lighting. Fitted lighting will bring magic atmosphere and dose of mystery.
Our huge experience in that field lets us realize our project quickly, effectively and comprehensively. With our help all your dreams about water garden come true.
As we run comprehensive business you can commission us every task starting from project, through realization as far as complex care of ready product.

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The reservoir can be used for water storage or as a liquid manure pit. The client can perform most of the assembly on his/her own. The montage is about: digging and preparing the whole, geofibre and  EPDM membrane positioning and the reservoir’s rim processing if needed. Membrane positioning means one is supposed to unfold delivered prefabricates (EPDM sheets). Because of the fact that the membrane is flexible and bouncy it easily fits to the surface of the ground base. The uneven and rough areas on the membrane are eliminated with the proper positioning of the folds of sheets.

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AQUA SYSTEM based on long term experience in supplying hydro-isolating technologies for flat roofing, ballast and green roofing, all kinds of waterproof insulation for building and hydro technical  structures offers full range of services:
•    Structure inspection – new project
•    Structure inspection – tightness defects in existing projects
•    Technical advice
•    Non – standard solutions
•    Flat, ballast and green roofing
•    Material specification
•    Warranty
•    Independent supervision
Thanks to our experience we are able to provide solutions complying with high quality and high durability of insulation, ensure best technology in putting new insulation or repairing old one.
All general contractors, architects, investors and all others taking part in the investment process are very welcome.

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