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Due to it’s top quality, strength and a broad range of applications, our HDPE membrane has gained recognition by Polish and foreign companies for uses such as:

  • Rubbish dump contractors carrying out projects related to the environmental sites waste and by-product reclamation sites
  • Fluid waste tanks
  • Liquid manure tanks etc.
  • Hydraulic engineering facilities and structures (sealants preventing water filtration through escarpments and water basin floors, channels, earth dams, etc.)
  • Road, car park and petrol stations

The environment protection and erection of  state-of-the-art waste disposal facilities is one of the major priorities of the European Union.

Geochron membrane applications:

  • Municipal landfill site sealing.
  • Liquid fuel distribution and storage facility sealing.
  • Urban sewage treatment plant sealing.
  • Liquid manure tanks.
  • Sealing of engineering structures, including hydraulic engineering structures.

Waste disposal site sealants/hydraulic engineering structure sealants.

Municipal landfill sites and industrial waste sites are the investments which pose a potential threat to the environment protection. Threats are related to the possibility of polluting the air, soil and ground and surface water.
The erection of state-of-the-art waste disposal sites meeting all the environment protection requirements is a very difficult and challenging task requiring the advanced technologies, solutions and engineering know-how.
Reliable sealing is one of the key elements of the state-of-the-art waste disposal sites. The waste disposal site sealing, including protection against leachate infiltration, is currently the most important part of the construction of new waste disposal sites. Therefore, the majority of designers, investors and contractors decide to use HDPE Geomembrane.
Due to its properties, GEOCHRON HDPE Geomembrane has a clear advantage over other insulating materials.

Road building

The use of HDPE Geomembranes in these applications was preceded by many years of observations and tests on this material used at rubbish dump sites, in sewage treatment plants, refineries and liquid fuel station.

To protect the environment (and in this case particularly ground water), it is necessary to appropriately seal the ground. “To prevent rainwater from penetrating into the ground, sealants in the form of geomembranes, clayey screens, etc., should be used”.

GEOCHRON geomembrane is designed to be used in transport engineering:

  • to form insulating layers protecting against polluted storm runoff from roads;
  • to seal storage reservoirs and evaporating basins;
  • to build drainage ditches;
  • to provide waterproof insulation of those structure elements which come into contact with the ground, i.e. retaining walls, abutments, transportation tunnels, etc.