What is HYDROBox?

HYDROBOX is an innovative, patent protected solution that allows to fully enjoy the beauty of vegetation.
Thanks to its patented structure, HYDROBOX collects water, which is gradually used by plants.
This allows for easier maintenance of home and garden vegetation in good condition, even during periods of droughts or while on holidays.
HYDROBOX of various sizes can be placed in container or in ground for water retention. They may be applied for:

  • Flowers, potted plants on balconies
  • Garden shrubs, perennials
  • Hedges and vines
  • Ornamental and fruit trees
  • Strawberry, raspberry bushes, etc.
  • Vegetables and herbs
  • HYDROBOX allows to save time, water, fertilisers and to enjoy the beauty of vegetation.
  • HYDROBOX protects plants during periods of droughts, supplies water when it is needed the most.
  • HYDROBOX is a result of 7 years of research works.

More than 30 Polish scientists contributed to development of the product.


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