Eurobent provides bentonite mats – so called “geosynthetic clay liners” – geocomposites designed for the sealing of structures in civil engineering. The sealing effect is provided by bentonite, a clay material – embedded within two (or more) geotextile layers.
Bentonite absorbs water from surrounding soil, but its expansion is impeded by layer pressure. In consequence this leads to the formation of a highly tight layer that provides sealing to construction elements.

Eurobent replaces all traditional mineral sealants. Better sealing performance, cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness are the most important reasons for choosing the Eurobent solution.

Thanks to absorbing water, bentonite contained in Eurobent expands, creating a highly water-tight layer.

  • small mass minimizes cost of transport and is harmless for the environment
  • quick and easy installation does not require highly qualified personnel, expensive welding or use of heavy sealing equipment
  • high sealing performance with predefined permeability
  • self-restoring capability in case of small perforations, due to swelling properties
  • width up to 5.40 m reduces loss on connections
  • verified quality enhances construction safety

Eurobent can be used to seal all types of constructions, such as:

  • base and surface seals of waste disposals (landfill caps)
  • canals and storage reservoirs
  • tank storage sites
  • composting plants
  • biotopes
  • tunnel and building seals
  • filtering and storage reservoirs
  • run-off basins
  • roads leading through protected areas
  • and many more