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Shimmering Spring Water Feature

Shimmering Spring Water Feature

Shimmering Spring Water Feature

Bring an element of modern style to your home or garden with this contemporary stainless steel water feature. The high quality stainless steel finish of this sleek water feature greatly adds to its overall effect as the water gently shimmers out of it, creating a wonderful display.


  • Zinc coated stainless steel – ensures a high quality feature
  • Fully self-contained (requires no reservoir) – easy to set up – just fill and plug in
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


A great way to liven up any setting, this stainless steel water feature is sure to be a wonderful addition to your home, office, or garden area. Water gently flows from the top and down the sides of this feature, into the reservoir below, creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere wherever you decide to place it. It is fully self-contained which means you will not need an external reservoir as the water recirculates from a reservoir hidden inside the feature. The zinc coated finish allows for greater resistance against corrosion, meaning your water feature has been manufactured out of good quality stainless steel, with extended durability in mind.

Simply remove from the box, add water, plug in, and within a few minutes you will have a relaxing, modern addition to your garden or home.


Height 40cm (15.7 inches) x Width 121cm (47.6 inches) x Depth 35.5cm (14 inches)
10m (32′ 9.7″) cable supplied





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