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Stainless Steel Water Feature – Curved Wall Convex (single skin)

WF0054LStainless Steel Water Feature – Curved Wall Convex (single skin)

Product Description:

Made in the UK by Wonder Wall Water Features to a very high specification from a mixture of top grade mirrored and brushed stainless steel, they are hard-wearing and should last for many years.

Water cascades down one side of the curved wall, creating an ever changing effect. The pipe pumping water from the stainless steel reservoir at the base to the top of the feature runs up the back, enclosed in stainless steel casing.

A double-layered version of the curved wall is available in which the piping is hidden between the two layers

The feature is available in two options, Concave or Convex, two sizes (see dimensions below) with two choices of reservoir.

With stainless steel reservoir

  • Small
  • Large

With black plastic reservoir

  • Small
  • Large

Made to any size Our standard sizes are shown here. However if you would like one of our features with different dimensions, please do let us know – we should be able to make it for you.

Product Specification:
Small H 125cm (4ft 1″) W 48cm (1ft 7″)
Large H 175cm (5ft 9″); W 60cm (2ft); .

Black plastic reservoir – Dia 98cm;
Stainless steel reservoir – W 70cm, H 20cm, D 40cm (2ft 4″ x 8″ x 1ft 4″).


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