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95cm Shishi Odoshi (Deer Scarer) Clacking Water Feature with Lights

wf753295cm Shishi Odoshi (Deer Scarer) Clacking Water Feature with Lights


  • Feature only: 75cm (29½ins) x 40cm (15¾ins) x 10cm (4ins)
  • Feature plus reservoir: 95cm (37½ins) x 55cm (21¾) x 55cm (21¾)
  • 1x white LED light ring
  • 7w pump
  • 8m cable

  • Stainless steel construction is rustproof and highly durable
  • Design is inspired by traditional Japanese fountains
  • Contemporary twist on a classic design – complements both modern and traditional gardens
  • Clacking sound is relaxing and will help to scare deer and birds away
  • LED lights mean you can enjoy your water feature even after dusk

This beautiful stainless steel water feature is inspired by traditional Japanese fountains, and will produce a calming, tranquil effect in your garden.

This stunning water feature adds acontemporary twist to the traditional Japanese Shishi Odoshi fountain. The Japanese design, usually constructed from bamboo, is here reinterpreted using stainless steel. This meeting of classic and contemporary produces a beautiful effect, with the highly durable stainless steel design curved in the style of bamboo tube.
The Shishi Odoshi fountain has been nicknamed the “clacker fountain”because of its distinctive, rhythmic clacking. As the water circulates through the feature, the tube tips forward to allow the water to flow into the reservoir, and then tips back, producing its characteristic “clack” sound. It was originally designed in Japan to scare pests away from crops, but these days is mostly appreciated for its beauty and its soothing properties. The trickle of water and rhythmic clacking sound will help to create a relaxing, meditative atmosphere in your garden.
It comes complete with an underground reservoir, which collects the water from the fountain and recirculates it through the feature. This feature is easy to run and maintenance free and its stainless steel construction will ensure that it retains its appearance for years to come. The LEDs are slightly raised from the top of the reservoir, meaning the black plastic reservoir lid can be covered with decorative pebbles without obscuring the lights. Please see below for a link to our range of decorative pebbles.


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