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4ft x 2ft Medium Garden Mirror

mirror plainThis gorgeous acrylic mirror is perfect for adding some light and space into your garden. Specially designed for outdoor use, this mirror is stronger yet more lightweight than glass so is far safer in busy gardens. Mirrors are a great addition to small gardens due to their ability to bounce light into dark cornersand spaces while giving the illusion of space beyond the wall on which it hangs.


  • Add space and light to your garden – Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of space and light in smaller gardens by reflecting light into dark corners
  • Quick and easy to hang – This mirror can be easily hung with mirror adhesive or screwed into place on a wall or fence
  • Made from durable acrylic – Acrylic mirrors are not only shatterproof and weatherproof, but are also 80% lighter and 10x stronger than glass mirrors
  • Low maintenance – Easy to clean with a cloth and window cleaner and resize with a knife or blade

  • Height 120cm (4ft) x Width 60cm (2ft)

This acrylic mirror is both ten times stronger and 80% lighter than real glass, which means that you can hang it safely and securely without worry or fear of it smashing. It can easily be wiped clean with a cloth and window cleaner and is completely weatherproof and shatterproof. This practical mirror is great for bringing light and space to dark corners while being a stylish and modern addition to any garden.

Acrylic mirrors are flexible, and the reflection produced will only be as good as the surface to which the mirror is fixed, so it is suggested that the adhesive used is spread with care and the mirror firmly flattened to your chosen backing material.



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